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Cereals of group II

Cereals of group II – a group of grain crops.

Cereals of group II include:

  • corn;
  • millet;
  • sorghum;
  • rice.

All plants of this group are high-yielding spring crops.

Rice and corn are the largest crops in the world. Rice and millet are also referred to as groats crops.

They differ from Group I by morphological and biological characteristics. Grains of Group II crops have no furrow and tufting, sprouting with a single root. Inflorescence is panicle, while corn has female-type inflorescence – cob. The straw is usually filled with a core. 

All cultures of the group are short-daylight plants. They require heat and light, are more drought- and heat-resistant, with the exception of rice, compared to the crops of Group I.


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