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Strach crops

Strach (starch-bearing) crops are a group of crops that serve as raw materials for starch production or serve food purposes with a high starch content.

Starch-bearing crops are often combined with sugar-bearing crops. Previously, in the domestic classification used the division into root crops (sugar-bearing) and tuber crops (starch-bearing).




About 10 starch-bearing cultivated plants are known in the world agriculture. All of them, except the potato, are grown in subtropical and tropical climates.

Starch-bearing crops:

  • potato;
  • yams;
  • manioc;
  • yams;
  • taro.

The potato is the only crop of this group cultivated in temperate climates, so in the countries of the Northern Hemisphere, including Russia, it is considered the main starch-bearing crop.


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